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Media Expansion

Covid-19 has really pushed most Churches and Ministries to move out of it's comfort zone and re-focus its reach. While I have worked a great deal in Christian Television, and been a guest frequently around the nation, it wasn't really that big of a change for me. UNTIL... I was approached with the opportunity to expand our current media outreach. As many of you know, I currently Co-Pastor a Church with my Wife in Springfield, MO. Until the Covid-19 situation, we did not have a "LIVE Stream" anywhere. Obviously this forced us to change that. Our first "LIVE Stream" was on a Wednesday, with over 500 in viewership. Since then our Church (Believers Fellowship Church) has grown from a crowd of less than 100 to 300+ on any given service. 


During this shift, Pastor April and I have really been praying and asking the Lord for souls. That's what we want. We want to make a difference in the lives of people, showing them a loving God who is waiting to accept them, heal them, and forgive them. In the process of expanding the Churches reach, was approached with  expanding Matthew Cutter Ministries. This expansion provide a weekly TV program carrying the gospel literally around the world.  This was not something we sought, they contacted us and we are considering accepting. 

If you've seen a recent "LIVE Stream" from the Church or if you should notice the pictures above, you'll notice that we are currently running our stream with an iPad & an iPhone. While this has been a great tool, we have to upgrade equipment to maintain "Broadcast Quality". In order to do so, here is what we will need.

* HD Switcher

* 2 HD Cameras
* 2 Heavy Duty Tripods

* 2  Lovelier Mics (Studio/On Location Exclusive)

We have everything else, but this will cost around $4,000.00. We would like for you to help us with this need. This will not only help us on a local level, but a national level as well.  Will you help us in any way you possibly can? Giving is safe, simple, and easy. 

We have talked with our giving team and have created a couple different options for you your giving. You may give a "One Time" amount or you can "Pledge" and amount with automative giving. 

I want to take a moment and give you a great big thank you in advance! Your love and support through the years means the world to April and I! 

Here is how you can give.