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Matthew, his sister, and IDF planting Olive Tress in Israel

Thank you for your interest in “My Olive Tree” & “Matthew Cutter Ministries” (MCM). Your sponsorship will aid in our upcoming Israel trip, which is set for June 2014. Not only will your donations help MCM, it will also provide the following.

  • Cover the expense of planting and caring for the Olive Tree for the next seven years.

  • Provide jobs to Israelis after the first three years (1st Harvest). 

  • Provide streams of income due to harvesting and manufacturing the finest Olive products. 

  • Provide humanitarian aid. Each year, ten percent of sales will be given back to the nation of Israel providing aid to underprivileged children. Your donation will help care for Israeli children for generation to come. 

Thank you again for your interest. Please keep in mind that “Cutter’s Edge Ministries” is a non-profit 501C-3 organization. We will be able to provide you with a receipt of your donations. Within 2-4 weeks of your sponsorship, you’ll receive “ The My Olive Tree Certificate of Authenticity,” a beautiful 10x13 piece suitable for any home or office. The muted colors make it versatile while the rich gold embossed text adds a sense of elegance and importance. We feel it is a wonderful way to display your demonstration of love for the people of Israel. Your certificate is signed and includes your unique tree number with which you will be able to track the growth of you tree.

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