Plant An Olive Tree

Plant An Olive Tree

Plant a seed that will continue to give back for years to come. You Tree will be cared for for 7 years, until it reaches maturity. 10% of your donation will go to humanitarian aid in Israel. You will also receive a certificate of Authenticity.
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    You can sponsor an olive tree in the land Israel and join us in helping provide employment for Israeli families and funds for humanitarian aid projects in Israel! Each year a minimum of 10% of all oil sales from our trees are donated directly into humanitarian aid projects-thus, blessing Israel for generations! Special Notice: When the extended payment option is selected, certain package items will be shipped to you after most or all payments have been made.

    Our trees stand the test of time as a sign of solidarity and friendship from your family to the nation of Israel; they are a spiritual, economic, and environmental blessing. They are a one-time gift that keeps on giving for year after year and enables you to have a physical root in the Holy Land.

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